AppleApple equips developers with iAd Producer for iOS gizmos

Apple equips developers with iAd Producer for iOS gizmos

 iAd Producer

Apple may not be on the friendliest terms with developers as compared to other companies, though they’ve been quite thoughtful lately. The official Apple Developer site is currently hosting the iAd Producer for developers who want to create content for iAds on the iOS platform.

The tool handles HTML5, CSS3 and JavaScript coding automatically in order to simplify the task of creating motion-rich content. Advanced developers can look this way for enhanced JavaScript editing and debugging. There’s also an extension utility for generating and re-using individual page templates and components.

Before iAd content is deployed to the iAd Network, iAd Producer tests it for common errors including incorrect page or component configurations, the size and type of image assets. One of the main elements is the Visual Designer that offers developers an overview of the structure and flow of the respective iAds depending on the selected iOS.

The iAd Producer is replete with other useful tools like pre-built animations, effects and a component library, page templates, simulator features and much more. It is currently downloadable through the Apple Developer website.

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