AccessoriesBluetooth-enabled smart pacifier lets parents track their baby's temperature

Bluetooth-enabled smart pacifier lets parents track their baby’s temperature

By coughing up $40, you can lay hands on Blue Maestro’s new Pacifi which is a smart pacifier set to be made available starting from December 1 this year. It serves as a Bluetooth-enabled dummy capable of recording your child’s temperature at specific points during the entire day.

The Pacifi manages to do so with the help of an integrated sensor placed in the teat area. It sends the data to your iPhone or Android device synced to it via a free Blue Maestro app. This allows parents who are constantly worrying about the health of their baby, to check for warning signs of an oncoming illness.

Blue Maestro Pacifi

The aforementioned functionality of the Bluetooth LE-connected pacifier also lets users keep tabs on the effects of any medication on their precious little one. If the temperature of the baby crosses a particular level, the data can be shared with the concerned pediatrician with a simple tap of a button.

We’re talking about the potential of the Internet of Things here, and not just a smart dummy for assisting you with the happy task of keeping a watchful eye on your kid. Speaking of that, the pacifier even embeds a proximity sensor for tracking it, or your baby’s location, in other words.

Pacifier For Babies

The application accompanying this Blue Maestro offering permits users to set an alert which goes off the moment their child gets separated from them beyond a certain distance not farther than 50 meters. The pacifier is claimed to have a battery life of more than one year.

Follow this link to the Blue Maestro website in case you’re interested in picking up the smart pacifier. As we’ve mentioned above, the device works with iOS and Android apps created just for it.

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