Angry Birds Space announced from the International Space Station

Angry Birds Space 01

Rovio has finally revealed some more relevant information about its much anticipated Angry Birds Space. A new video shot in the International Space Station was recently posted on the game’s dedicated web page. It practically describes how the dynamics of the gameplay will change outside earth’s atmosphere.

The latest video shows NASA astronaut Don Petit, demonstrating how the enraged birds can annihilate the pigs by using the slingshot, in an environment which is devoid of gravity. Furthermore, it lets fans take a good look at the upcoming game. This refreshed concept will also introduce some new characters with more powers than seen before.

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“This collaboration began with a simple Twitter exchange about birds and pigs in space, and it has grown into a tremendous outreach and education opportunity,” expressed David Weaver, associate administrator for communications at NASA Headquarters in Washington. “Games are fun and entertaining, but they also can be inspirational and informative. This ongoing collaboration with Rovio and Angry Birds is an exciting way to get people engaged with NASA’s missions of exploration and discovery, and get students energized about future careers in science and technology.”

Angry Birds Space 02

Upon launch, the software will be made available for mobile platforms like iOS and Android. It is expected to gradually reach other operating systems such as Mac and PC. Apart from this, the game will also be seen launching simultaneously through mediums like animation, merchandise and book publishing. It will take users through 60 innovative levels and a different gameplay style as well.

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Like we’ve already reported, Rovio has announced the Angry Birds Space release date as March 22.