Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio refreshed with new levels

Angry Birds Update

Even with the anticipation of something new on the horizon, Rovio seems to have kept the excitement for the original Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio games equally enlivened by launching new levels and various other content. In addition to this, the developer has also announced that the revamp isn’t the final roll-out for the Rio title.

For the Angry Birds Rio edition, the new levels are apparently based on the synonymous animated movie. The update is said to bring in 12 bonus stages through which users can catapult the birds against their enemies. Gamers can unlock these extra environments through two different methods, either by collecting all fruits within a level or successfully completing an entire episode.

Angry Birds Rio Bonus Levels

The announcement surfaced through the official Rovio blog which stated, “Download the latest updates for iOS for Angry Birds and Angry Birds Rio! Angry Birds on iOS has a tropical new episode with 15 new levels! It’s a beautiful day at the beach…till the pigs show up! Can the Angry Birds rescue their eggs in time to have some fun in the sun? This new beach theme is so sunny you’ll get a secondhand tan!”

Along with the Rio upgrade, the first installment of this franchise is also scheduled to receive a fresh episode list comprising of 15 new levels. Bringing in a tropical theme, the enraged flyers are having a sunny day out with their eggs on a beach. And as usual, the greedy green pigs make their appearance to tick the birds off once again. Users can enjoy the sun, sand and waves through more than a dozen new stages while helping out the feathery critters.

Angry Birds Rio Refresh

The original Angry Birds update is currently available for iOS devices only, while the new Angry Birds Rio edition can be downloaded through iTunes as well as the Amazon Appstore.