SoftwareAndroid users can now shop for Gist app

Android users can now shop for Gist app

Gist For Android

The Android Market hosts an array of applications like Floating image, Google sky map, Google Goggles, Talk to me, Moviefone and more. The latest app being offered up to Android users is Gist. This app enables users to manage their business and emails contacts in a more organized manner.

The app classifies contacts into different categories which allows users to manage their contacts better. It categorizes a host of e-mail addresses by scanning and identifying those contacts that users frequently interact with.

The Dashboard displays information from social networking sites, news and messages. Users can receive updates from social networking sites such as Facebook, Twitter and more apart from perusing news and e-mails with this feature.

The Events tab flashes reminders about upcoming meetings and details regarding the attendees. The contact list provides in depth information or an overview of contacts to users.

Pricing information on the Gist app is foggy for now.

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