GeneralAmdocs Survey discovers Mobile Digital Content is applicable to all Age Groups

Amdocs Survey discovers Mobile Digital Content is applicable to all Age Groups

Amdocs surveys mobile content is not only for kids Amdocs is a market leader that transports customer experience excellence. On 24th October, Admocs released the results of a survey conducted on mobile content usage and purchasing patterns.

The survey was based on the responses from U.S. consumers, revealing that premium mobile content, like ringtones, truly have a mass market appeal. It also concluded that all generation groups are embracing the up-coming technologies to ease the process of purchasing digital content. In addition, the survey established that service providers need to modify the digital content shopping experience in order to attract broader audiences.

Charles Born, vice president of corporate communications for Amdocs expressed, “The survey confirms that there is a strong future for the mobile content and services market as it continues to evolve. Not only should service providers consider offering more age-segmented, premium digital content and services, but they should consider tailoring the storefront experience and purchase mechanisms to meet the demands of multiple generations.”

He added by saying, “Technology that provides service providers with a new way to deliver a more personalized customer experience translates into higher average revenue per user, greater satisfaction, and reduced churn.”

The survey was conducted in July 2007, by Zoomerang. The survey inquired more than 500 U.S. consumers in four different age categories which included 18-24, 25-32, 33-44 and 45+. Mobile phones have become a mandatory device; hence it is visible in the hands of all ages. People from all age groups are willing to spend significantly on mobile content and services. The survey counts forty one percent of the 18-24 aged respondents and 38 percent in the 25-32 age range are ready to spend $8-$10 a month to pay for mobile content.

As compared to the 45+ age group respondents who prefer to use their personal computer (PC), the majority of respondents aged 18-24 are more likely to make a purchase on their mobile device. The result to both the survey says that service providers need to tailor the services by age group for an increase in mobile commerce spending.

One-third of consumers in the 18-24 age range cite entertainment as the purchase driver for mobile content. The age group is more interested in mobile content for both fun and helpful services, with 43 percent wanting multi-player gaming and 33 percent wanting social networking and mobile payment capabilities.

In comparison with the 18-24 age groups, the 45+ age range is especially motivated by “helpful” services, with 44 percent citing these as reasons behind why they purchase mobile content. Adding to it, the age group is most interested in global positioning system (GPS) and location-based services. 32 percent ranks the mobile application as their first choice with mobile banking services. The survey also examined that close to one-third of all respondents use their phone to send text messages, yet only 20 percent of the respondents are actually using their phones to purchase digital content.

In general, the result discloses that 45 percent of respondents have purchased mobile content to customize their cell phones with ringtones and wallpaper, making these offerings the most popular reason for purchasing content. However, a close second 42 percent ranked “services with helpful functionality such as providing directions and checking the weather” as the major factor to purchase mobile content.

If asked to choose between purchasing content using a PC versus a mobile phone, 66 percent of 18-24 year olds chose their phone. However, more than half of more mature respondents (ages 45+) prefer a PC-based purchase process. The outcome of the survey also resulted that almost 75 percent of respondents age 18-24 are comfortable putting purchasing charges on their phone bill in comparison with age group of 45+. Hence for the reach out of mobile content to the 45+ age group, mobile phone service providers are expected to tailor the entire experience.

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