Amazon India now offering refurbished smartphones

Amazon India has begun selling refurbished smartphones on its website after introducing them on a pilot basis in the first week of August. It’s tied up with online electronics retailer Surpluss for the initial influx of restored phones and will add more models in the future.

Refurbished handsets consist of devices which have been opened from their original packaging. They undergo professional renovation by the manufacturer or a certified agent. According to Amazon, the phones are examined, cleaned and fixed to attain brand specifications. That’s what sets them apart from regular second-hand smartphones.


The restored devices will be sold at a cheaper rate than their original MRP. They come with a 6 months manufacture guarantee and are shipped sealed within their original packaging box. All Amazon customer care services will be valid for the phones including Returns and Refunds within 10 days of purchasing them.

All the renovated handsets will be affixed with ‘refurbished’ at the beginning of the product name in order to distinguish them from the original ones. They come under the company’s Fulfilled By Amazon guarantee and are only sold through FBA-certified vendors.

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The devices will additionally include an unbiased note from the seller which will detail the condition of the smartphone. The data can be viewed on the product page of each phone. Delivery dates remain the same as regular items sold under FBA.

The initiative is currently only available for smartphones right now. Amazon might consider expanding it to laptops and televisions in the future. Surpluss initially supplied only Samsung and Xiaomi handsets under the scheme and is planning to provide more later.

If you’re interested in checking out the refurbished phones, you can head on over to their Amazon page.