Alive 4-ever RETURNS comes to the App Store

Alive 4-ever RETURNS

The highly anticipated sequel to the zombie shooter game developed by Meridian Digital Entertainment, the Alive 4-ever RETURNS makes its way to the Apple App Store.

This game comes with an improved and new game engine which brings to users enhanced visuals. It is also said to bring in realistic environmental effects. To slow down the zombies, the inclusion of new weapons like dual handguns, grenades for mass killing, rocket launchers, and sticky bombs has been made.

The Alive 4-ever RETURNS offers improved RPG elements like new skills and power-ups, and also two brand new modes of play. The modes include Survival Battle and Horde Battle.

The game has been attributed with 13 amazing skills, 37 distinct destructive weapons, 4 player Co-op mode, 36 bonus equipment, 40 stages of challenges, three unique game modes. The game also offers more than 40 achievements through OpenFeint.