Network OperatorsAirtel's offering 3GB data at just Rs 49

Airtel’s offering 3GB data at just Rs 49

Airtel’s once again taking on Reliance Jio with a new Rs 49 pack, rivaling the latter’s own Rs 49 plan. The scheme gives away 3GB of 4G data, but it naturally has some terms and conditions to go along with it.

For one, the Rs 49 offer appears to be available only for a limited number of Airtel customers. This means that there are some who will see 3GB of data, and others who will see 1GB. The only way to find out which one they are is to open up the MyAirtel app or go to Airtel’s website and check the available deals against their number.

Secondly, Airtel subscribers will only get to enjoy this 3GB of data for a day. It functions more as a data-only recharge pack that way. The telecom operator has another Rs 99 plan which offers a much bigger variety of services. They’ll get 1GB of 3G/4G data, 100 SMSes, unlimited local and STD calls, and free outgoing national roaming calls.

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All this will last for 10 days. It’s not a bad deal for someone whose data needs aren’t that high. As for Reliance Jio, it has a Rs 49 prepaid plan in place specially for JioPhone owners. It serves up 1GB of data, unlimited calling, free access to Jio apps, and 50 SMSes for 28 days.

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For non-JioPhone users, they can opt for a Rs 52 pack which grants them 0.15GB of data a day, unlimited calling, 70 SMSes, and a complimentary subscription to Jio apps. The plan sticks around for 7 days and offers a total of 1.5GB of data.

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