Network OperatorsAirtel's new Rs 499 pack offers 164GB of data

Airtel’s new Rs 499 pack offers 164GB of data

Airtel has come out with a brand new prepaid pack right in the middle of IPL fever, although it’s not promoting the plan as a cricket-special scheme. The deal offers a whopping 164GB overall, perfect for anyone streaming matches on their devices.

Customers will have to pay Rs 499 for the pack. In exchange, Airtel will grant them 2GB of data per day, free local and STD calls, free roaming calls, and 100 SMSes daily. The plan sticks around for 82 days, hence the aforementioned 164GB of data to play around with.

It should be noted that Airtel limits calls to 300 minutes per day and 1000 minutes per week. The telecom operator charges 30 paisa per minute if the limit is crossed. The new deal offers a lot more data than the brand’s other packs. For instance, its Rs 448 plan gives away 1.4GB of data every day for 82 days. This comes up to 114.8GB of data all-in-all.

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Airtel also has another Rs 509 scheme which serves up 1.4GB of data on a daily basis for 90 days. This racks up to 126GB of data. Meanwhile, Reliance Jio has its own IPL pack which it has priced at Rs 251. For that much, users will get 2GB of data per day for 51 days. This totals up to 104GB for the entire validity period.

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Both Airtel and Reliance Jio have set up massive MIMO networks at major stadiums across India. This will allow subscribers to get fast speeds on the current 4G platform in spite of the increased load at such crowded locations.

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