Airtel V-Fiber 100Mbps broadband service comes to Mumbai

Airtel has now launched its V-Fiber broadband internet service in Mumbai, offering customers up to 100Mbps download speeds. The company had begun trialing V-Fiber in Chennai back in October this year, while promising a roll-out in other cities across India soon after. Bangalore, Delhi & NCR, Hyderabad and Ahmedabad are next on the list.

The price for V-Fiber plans in Mumbai starts at Rs 899. It comes bundled with 3 months of free, unlimited usage first. Existing Airtel broadband customers only need to pay Rs 1000 for a new modem to get started. New users will have to go through the whole drilling, wiring and modem-purchasing process to get access to V-Fiber. Doesn’t sound that bad a deal for web browsing speeds of up to 100Mbps.

So what if you don’t like the Airtel V-Fiber service because 100Mbps is too much for your brain to adjust to after a lifetime of slow internet? Under the company’s scheme, those who want to cancel their upgraded or new connection within one month of using it, will get a refund on the cost of the modem. The amount will be adjusted in the following bill cycle.

Airtel V-Fiber Mumbai

Instead of digging up roadways to add cabling, Airtel can leverage its existing DSL infrastructure, or copper cabling, fortified with vectorization (interference elimination technology) to deliver its super-fast broadband service. With the goal of reducing attenuation to the broadband signal, Airtel has also equipped its local exchanges to handle the much higher fiber speeds.

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Dial 18001030121 or go to this link to register for the service.