Network OperatorsAirtel rolls out 4G VoLTE beta program in Delhi, Rajasthan

Airtel rolls out 4G VoLTE beta program in Delhi, Rajasthan

Airtel’s VoLTE beta program got launched last month for a select number of states including West Bengal, Assam, Odisha, Andhra Pradesh, Kerala, Bihar, and Punjab. It seems the telecom operator has now expanded its reach to Delhi and Rajasthan.

To recall, Airtel’s VoLTE platform initially hit Mumbai back in September 2017. It has since made its way to other circles. The company is now looking to improve the service by testing it with beta participants before committing to a full launch. It’s looking to attract testers by offering 30GB of free data.

To get this free data, people will have to complete a fixed set of steps. First, they’ll need a 4G VoLTE-ready handset. Second, they’ll have to make sure they have the latest version of their OS and enable the VoLTE switch in their Settings page. This will instantly grant them 10BGB.

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The next 10GB will be handed over once they provide feedback at the end of the fourth week. Similarly, the final 10GB is going to be granted once feedback is given at the end of the eighth week. Joining the program does have its risks though, as Airtel warns that customers might face network fluctuations.

The upside is that they’ll get to try out Airtel’s VoLTE services before anyone else. This comes with benefits like HD voice calls, instant call connect, and efficient multitasking between talking and surfing the web.

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To check if your number is eligible for the VoLTE beta program, head over to Airtel’s dedicated site and validate your number.

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