Network OperatorsAirtel claims its 4G ads are not misleading after ASCI rap

Airtel claims its 4G ads are not misleading after ASCI rap

Bharti Airtel has stated that its 4G ads are not misleading after it was sent a notice by the ASCI (Advertising Standards Council of India) asking it to remove all of its promotions which claim so. In response to questions raised by the Bombay Stock Exchange about these allegations, the mobile operator said it would be providing the advertising watchdog with the necessary technical data to support the concerned 4G campaigns.

Airtel got into trouble when an unnamed subscriber filed a complaint with the ASCI in order to bring up the issue. The telecom company was given the rap for calling its network the ‘fastest 4G network ever’ and offering to pay a customer’s mobile bills for life if the service provider they were using was faster. It was noted that such ads could be misleading if they didn’t feature proper disclaimers on TV and print campaigns.

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But in a regulatory filing, Airtel seemed to be confident about getting a positive response from the ASCI after submitting the aforementioned data. It also insists that the claims made in its 4G ads are based on rigorous testing. The company says it’s following the due process to schedule a review of the matter.

According to Airtel’s reply to the ASCI, 4G delivers the fastest internet experience all across the world and it is the only mobile operator to provide such a service in India at present. Since first rolling out the next generation network for Kolkata in 2012, the brand has taken it to select cities for testing.

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In August this year, Airtel released 4G in 296 towns across India. With 1000 company-owned stores planned for launch by December 2015, it’s gearing up to withstand Reliance Jio’s imminent entry into the 4G arena.

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