Network OperatorsAIB pops up with funny video asking you to support net neutrality and 'Save the Internet'

AIB pops up with funny video asking you to support net neutrality and ‘Save the Internet’

Indian comedy group All India Bakchod (AIB), has posted a funny and informative video on YouTube asking all web users to do something very simple to save the Internet before TRAI and network operators like Airtel and Reliance do away with what the UN has declared a basic human right. Everyone’s contribution counts as the date for the Indian telecom regulatory authority’s declaration of war on net neutrality disguised as a ‘consultation paper’ comes closer to becoming legalized.

Before we go further, if you really want to do something to save the Internet, you can visit this link and easily inform TRAI that you support net neutrality. There is strength in numbers and without enough people telling the government body what they think about the despicable idea of paying for data depending on the sites they visit, backward laws favoring unfair business practices might actually be passed.

What’s really shocking is that TRAI’s consultation paper titled ‘Regulatory Framework for Over-the-top (OTT) services’ has been rolled out at a time when Prime Minister Narendra Modi appears to be in full support of Digital India, a venture which aims to drive progress by connecting the whole country to the Internet. Basically, companies such as Airtel are sour because they chose to be lazy instead of innovative.

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Apps like Viber, WhatsApp, Google Talk, Hike, Snapchat, Skype, Instagram, Line, Facebook Messenger and BMM reach users through the Internet. Since they primarily facilitate voice and/or messaging through data, service providers have been losing revenues over the years. Instead of doing something about it like creating awesome applications to compete against such rivals, telecom brands kept slashing talk time and SMS rates.

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They found out that this lazy strategy would not work way too late and now want TRAI to intercede on their behalf and bail them out for remaining stagnant. These companies are actually blaming OTT services for forcing them to build the infrastructure needed to support faster and more advanced mobile networks! What they’re not saying is that they’re steadily earning more and more money from the increasing demand for data anyway.

If telecom authorities rule in favor of network providers, you will actually have to pay for data depending on the sites you access. Platforms like Airtel Zero allow certain businesses, the ones with more money, to control how you surf the Internet. Imagine a scenario where there’s a great new messaging app which gets stamped out by a richer but crappier rival because they paid the operator to charge you more for using the other service.

AIB Save The Internet Video

The AIB video does a more entertaining job of explaining what net neutrality is and why it really matters. We request you to do your bit and save the Internet by visiting the link we’ve posted above or writing your own email to the TRAI ([email protected]) before April 24. Also, it’d be good if you could tweet about the issue and keep it alive on social media by being generous with your ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.

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