Aiaiai TMA-1 Studio headphones blare out

Aiaiai TMA-1 Studio 01

The all new Aiaiai TMA-1 Studio headphones have been designed keeping in mind music enthusiasts of all sorts. A sequel to the DJ-centric pair from Aiaiai, this matte black one is built to reproduce pumped-up acoustics.

The headphones feature a new PU headband that is said to be soft and durable enough to make for prolonged usage. It has been padded to render the headband comfortable for wearers – like we need to mention that. This peripheral happens to house a 40mm titanium driver, which is optimized to deliver balanced music to the ears. Additionally, the over-ear PU cushions are touted to offer a clear music-listening experience.

The earpads are replaceable and the bundle is packed in with 2 different pairs. Each of the cushions is hooked up to a corresponding cushion plate. Considering it’s a portable audio accessory we’re talking about, appropriate technologies for music streaming in public places like airports, roads and other places have been employed.

Aiaiai TMA-1 Studio 02

The aforesaid 40mm driver is sculpted from improved materials to provide some thumping effects. All of its components like the magnet, speaker diaphragm, voice coil and yoke have apparently been crafted to reel out sharp highs. Likewise, the audio accessory claims to generate decent mids and lows too. The package carries two interchangeable pad choices namely, PU foam and protein leather as well as a 1.5m detachable coiled cable and a 1.2m wire with a microphone. Additionally, a 3.5mm > 6.3mm plug converter is thrown in with a carrying pouch.

The Aiaiai TMA-1 price is marked at $249 and it will be available from June 20 onwards. It can already be pre-booked from the company’s pre-order page.