Affle’s Pinch amalgams location sharing and messaging features

Affle LogoUsers who are simply addicted to constant messaging, may now have a reason to smile. Affle has unraveled its fresh offering dubbed as Pinch which is noted to be a smartphone messaging product. Pinch is all set to traverse through India as well as around the world. In order to change the way handset owners’ message, find friends and use various location based value services, Affle has brought out Pinch.

The smartphone messenger app merges the functionalities of iContacts, iLocation Sense and iMessenger. This messenger enables handset owners to add-in interesting emoticons, push notifications, animations and pictures. Apart from the above mentioned features the most important highlight is that the app lets users message without being billed for them, through data across platforms.

“Affle has successfully upgraded over 3 million SMS users to SMS2.0 in many Asian markets and we now aim to upgrade users from SMS to Pinch on Smartphones globally. Our dedicated R&D teams on iPhone, Android, Blackberry, Symbian and Windows focus on delivering the best messaging experiences with lots of utilities, entertainment as well as location services and rewards. Our beta users enjoyed the new experience and helped us to improve Pinch significantly for this global launch.” stated Anuj Khanna, the CEO of Affle.

Affle’s latest offering Pinch provides device owners with cross platform support coupled with more than 475 emoticons and attractive animations. Touting it to be the foremost Smartphone messenger, Pinch claims to comprehensively find friends from the user’s contacts, Twitter and Facebook account, Android, email contacts and BlackBerry. It also provides group and contact management services.

The app’s core messaging platform embeds social leaderboard contests and also gives out rewards to users depending on the 30 actions. Presently, it proffers winners of the Pinch Leaderboard contests 25 iTunes Gift Cards every week and one free iPad per month for an entire year. The app even enables users to chat with friends in close proximity as it is location aware and facilitates selective sharing of location. It functions on Blackberry 4.x, Android 2.x, iPhone 2G, 3G, 3GS and 4G, PC, Symbian and Web.

The Pinch smartphone messenger app is available for $0.99.