GeneralAdlabs easyticket offer to Indian Mobile Phone Users launched

Adlabs easyticket offer to Indian Mobile Phone Users launched

As the festive season is near Adlabs has introduced a new scheme called Adlabs easyticket, which enables consumers to purchase tickets, food and beverages using their mobile phone. This system is available at all the Adlabs Cinemas across India.

Adlabs easyticket scheme has been introduced for the first time and will allow consumers to enjoy all facilities like buying movie tickets, food and beverages only with their mobile.

Adlabs Cinemas has introduced the easyticket vouchers in amounts of Rs.200, Rs.500 and Rs.1000.

Even after the purchase of these vouchers, the consumers can also gift it to their loved ones or also to their business clients.

Tushar Dhingra, Chief Operating Officer, Adlabs Cinemas commented, “The Adlabs easyticket is a convenient yet secure option that Adlabs Cinemas provides to its patrons and will revolutionalise not only the cinema-going experience, but also the retail industry.”

He further continued, “Corporates wanting to gift associates or employees will find it invaluable as a promotional tool, particularly with Diwali coming around the corner.”

Adlabs easyticket can be purchased by three different ways, either by buying a scratch card at the Adlabs Cinemas box office or by making a call to the call center or via the website

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