Access and Emblaze Mobile introduce Else Intuition Linux-based mobile OS

Access Else Intuition OS Access and Emblaze Mobile have teamed up to introduce a new Linux-based mobile OS called the Else Intuition. This new operating system is said to combine a Linux-based platform with an innovative user interface and a suite of services provided by Emblaze Mobile.

Else is a perfect blend of Access’ Linux Platform v3.0 and an advanced user interface engine developed by Emblaze. The system is said to deliver a never before user experience. It features accelerated 2D/3D graphics and elegant transition effects. The OS also allows users to simultaneously run multiple applications and easily toggle between them.

Amir Kupervas, CEO, Emblaze Mobile, said, “Our vision is to create a revolutionary mobile solution that will change users’ experience in the mobile arena. Imagine a device that is not a phone surrounded by gimmicks you will not use; where the camera literally replaces your digital camera; you get real-time push email wherever you are on the globe; almost every song and film in the world is one click away; and any one of its multitude of features is reached with no more than one light gesture of your finger and not buried deep inside folders within folders. If you imagine this, you imagine the first Else and the capabilities created with Else Intuition. And yes – it is definitely something Else. Our relationship with Access and the privilege to leverage Access Linux Platform has allowed us to fulfill our vision and bring it to fruition.”

Tomihisa Kamada, president, co-CEO and co-founder of Access, said, “Our goal of providing a complete solution for enabling the creation of advanced mobile devices aligned well with this innovative vision from Emblaze Mobile. Else Intuition provides a perfect showcase for the flexibility and customizability of Access Linux Platform. It underscores our ability to tailor and adapt our technology to suit our clients’ requirements and to work directly with our clients to achieve their goals. Emblaze Mobile came to us with a thought-provoking concept to shake up the mobile industry, and I am delighted that Access has been able to provide the software to make it happen.”

Along with this platform the duo has also launch a new category of devices called Else. The first Else device is said to provide functionalities that match devices such as digital cameras, top-ranked MP3 players and best-in-class GPS devices.

Well, we are still unsure as to when this operating system will be made available in the market.