97% of Mobile Network Issues go Unresolved finds Actix Research

Actix Logo Actix is a recognized global manufacturer of systems that enhance mobile network customer experience while reducing the total cost of ownership. The company has recently uncovered that mobile operators investigate only 3% of all the mobile network issues that they receive each month.

According to the research conducted by Actix, network engineers in a typical tier one mobile operator manually handle around 4,000 network issues per month. However, they only have enough time to fully investigate and solve around 150 (3%) of them.

It has been realized that a lack of enterprise-wide Network Status Management systems is leaving the network engineers struggling to prioritize tasks due to a lack of visibility into the performance of the whole radio network.

One major mobile network even stated that around one million category one faults are registered each day. Smaller networks have revealed figures of around 6,00,000 per month.