50 percent Indians online use Facebook, WhatsApp every day

India loves Facebook more than any other social networking site and is partial to WhatsApp when it comes to instant messaging (IM) applications, says a new Connected Life report by research consultancy firm TNS. 51 percent of Indians who go online log into the social network on a daily basis, while the figure stands at 56 percent for WhatsApp, with regards to those using messengers.

Facebook which incidentally owns WhatsApp, is so popular in India, Facebook Messenger is also seeing a growing number of takers in need of a private messaging option. If you can imagine the social network being even moved loved up than this, then know that in Thailand, Taiwan and Hong Kong, 78 percent, 75 percent and 72 percent of online audiences access it each and every day.


The world over, 55 percent of the web population fall back to IM tools daily, while about 30 percent log into Facebook this frequently. In Malaysia, Brazil, China and South Africa, daily users of messenger services amount to 77 percent, 73 percent, 69 percent and 64 percent, respectively. These findings are based on a survey of 60500 individuals with internet access from 50 nations.

In developed countries like the US and UK, only 35 percent and 39 percent of respondents claimed to engage with others on messaging platforms every day. As per TNS’ Connected Life study, the Asia Pacific (APAC) region holds the most number of folks signing into Facebook daily as compared to other areas on the globe. IM has enjoying soaring popularity over the past year, with a 12 percent growth in daily usage worldwide.

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With regards to India, it has 125 million Facebook users, taking up the second spot after the US. Social media is better at enabling content to go viral quickly as pitted against applications like WhatsApp, Line or Viber. IM is more private and closed after all. India is said to be among the top countries with high average daily number of messages exchanged, sticking to its reputation of being a ‘text heavy’ market, says TNS.

38 percent of Indians admit to using some form of IM each day. In the APAC region in general, 1 out of 5 people are stated to engage with messaging tools daily. But as you can see from the results of the TNS survey, Facebook remains the most popular social networking product.