22Moo GameBone Gamepad brings support for iPhone 4

Gamebone iPhone4

iGamers across the globe will be delighted to know that support for iPhone 4 has been added to GameBone gamepad by 22Moo. GameBone is a popular gaming peripheral which now supports the iPhone 4.

Redesigned to support iPhone 4, the GameBone includes 8-way Dpad, four action buttons and two shoulder buttons. This gamepad is charged on 1600mA lithium battery and has changeable cores for iDevices.

“The GameBone will be the most feature rich gamepad ever to hit the market for the iPhone, iPod touch and iPad. The GameBone can be used in so many ways – use it as a digital photo frame or nightstand while charging your iPhone, a gamegrip for accelerometer based games, a baby monitor and much more! You could even use it as a wireless gamepad for a PC/Mac with the right app installed,” remarked Jason Chan, 22Moo’s founder and product development manager.

With stereo speakers and omni-directional microphone, the GameBone can be used for enhanced sound and a true-to-life gaming experience. The company revealed that it has joined hands with two leading iDevice accessory makers to create skins, cases and other add-ons for the GameBone. The gamepad also has a kick-stand and a battery indicator.

The GameBone is anticipated to be available by the end of the fourth quarter of 2010. The pricing details are unclear as of now.