15 Gifts For Financial Geeks

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How to find a perfect gift for an investor? In India, Forex trading is more popular than ever. People fascinated with financial markets like themed items that are also useful and original. If your friend, colleague, or family member trades or works in finance, consider these top suggestions.

1 – An Ambient Orb

This trendy gadget looks like a globe. It glows red, yellow, or green depending on market movements. The system tracks indices in real-time. Ambient Orb can connect to the DOW, NASDAQ, S&P, or Russell.

Pay a little extra for customization. Your favorite investor will be able to monitor different indicators. The globe can reflect the status of their portfolio, a stock, or a market index. You cannot go wrong with this purchase! It offers a quick and fun way to monitor financial trends.

2 – The Investor Red Wine

Impress your financier with this wine from Stags’ Leap Winery near San Francisco. It is described as “rich in dark purple fruit” with notes of rosemary, tea leaf, sage, and cinnamon. This blend of Merlot, Petite Sirah, Cabernet Sauvignon, and Malbec is aged for 16 months.

3 – Miniature Bull Statue

The Wall Street Bull is a world-famous symbol. While the statue still stands in Manhattan’s Financial District, its miniature copy looks elegant on a desk. Buy this iconic design item – it is a great gift for any trader, investor, or financier.

4 – Some Words of Wisdom

This is no ordinary book. Its full title is “Margin of Safety: Risk-Averse Value Investing Strategies for the Thoughtful Investor.” Last published in 1991, it is now a pricey collectible item. Be ready to pay at least $1,400 for a copy. Written by guru Seth Klarman, it offers priceless insights into the philosophy of value investors.

5 – The Definitive Decision Dial

The correct choice of entry and exit points is the key to lucrative trading. Your geek will be amused by this decision-making tool. The creative gift is hardly suitable as a source of advice, yet it “imparts unbiased wisdom…for making important business decisions” according to its manufacturer Hammacher Schlemmer.

The chrome-plated ball spins and lands on one of 9 laser-engraved replies. Aside from ‘Buy’ and ‘Sell’, there are options like “Ask Mom’ or ‘Pray.’  It is an upgrade of the original Magic 8 ball. Of course, it is better to use copy trade Forex when in doubt.

6 – Magic 8 Ball

This item has been popular for decades. The present-day shape with 20 responses appeared back in the 1950s. This item can help your investor with any decisions.

7 – Stock Exchange, the Board Game

This game imitates life, guiding players from money-making to retirement. They test their financial foresight and skills. The game is suitable for all ages.

8 – A Mighty Wallet

This stylish wallet is made of a sustainable Tyvek-based material. It is very thin, yet resistant to water and tear. There is a wide range of printed images, from superhero logos to computer chips to stock certificates.

9 – Face the Fearless Girl

Since 2017, Fearless Girl has stood opposite the Charging Bull. Get a small copy of this bronze sculpture by Kristen Visbal. A symbol of female empowerment, it is a good choice for any woman involved in finance. You can also buy both statues to recreate the famous stand-off.

10 – Riding Out the Chop T-Shirt

This original T-shirt was designed by Market Trader Gifts. Pair it with another trendy item. There are mugs, garments, and more.

11 – Piggy Bank

There are hundreds of designs, colors, and sizes to choose from. Materials range from pewter to porcelain. Do not forget to put a penny inside before handing the gift to the recipient.

12 – Finance Geek Products

Nowadays, the Internet is a great source of stock market-themed gifts. There are mugs, clothes, and other accessories with slogans like “There’s Always a Bull Market Somewhere.”

13 – Money Never Sleeps, Wall Art

This canvas is eye-catching wall art. This unique design appeals to those who love money.

14 – GiveAshare Framed Stock Certificate

A genuine stock certificate in a frame is an appropriate gift. After all, any investor likes the stock. The company offers you to choose from a hundred publicly traded companies, all famous. This is a share of the business and a piece of wall art.

15 – Good Old Cash

While cashless transactions are now trendy, nothing beats the good old Benjamin. It’s a universal gift.

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Gifts for Any Trader

These items will make your financial geek smile. They will also inspire them to improve their skills and invest wisely. You cannot go wrong with one of these creative gifts, they are suitable for anyone with a passion for money.