AppsRingo app starts local and STD calling at 19 paise per minute

Ringo app starts local and STD calling at 19 paise per minute

Voice calling app Ringo has announced it will begin offering a flat Rs 0.19 per minute rate for local and STD calls across India. Directi, the company behind the tool, claims the fee is 90% cheaper than what telecom operators ask for and 25% lesser than other applications which provide a similar service.

The new rate pits it against apps like WhatsApp and Skype which use data to connect calls. Ringo, on the other hand, does not require an internet or Wi-Fi connection and doesn’t consume a user’s local minutes. It instead relies on telecom networks which it buys in bulk and transfers to consumers through a conference bridge based in Mohali, Chandigarh.

Ringo app

Ringo was launched in India earlier this year. New subscribers can utilize their 1st 50 minutes of talk time for free and will get an additional 50 minutes without charge if they refer the app to a friend. The brand has also started allowing outside companies to list their offers within the application. Users are required to purchase credits through an online payment system to make calls.

These credits do not have an expiry date, which sets it apart from existing pre-paid offers which typically expire after a set period of time. Ringo wallets can hold anything between Rs 25 to Rs 250. To utilize the app, a person simply has to tap on the contact they wish to talk to. The tool will then contact the recipient and connect the user.

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This method thus avoids the need for both parties to have the same voice-calling app installed in their smartphone and eliminates the requirement for a reliable internet connection on both ends. The updated Ringo application is live now and can be downloaded for Windows, Android and iOS.

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