#1 Reel Deal Slots Club application enters iPhone

Reel Deal Slots iPhoneGamers wishing to travel all the way to Vegas to enjoy the exciting casino games will adore this new application. Phantom EFX unleashed the #1 Reel Deal Slots Club application for the iPhone and iPod touch devices. With this application, users can enjoy the same experience they cherish while visiting any casino.

Casino lovers can play their favorite slot games right on their devices. The application showers alluring graphics and realistic programming. Users can experience a fun filled ride all the way to Vegas on their fingertips. This easy-to-use application is a convenient way to nourish some of the favorite games and win the jackpot without losing any real money.

The application features both Dream world and Real world odds. With detailed statistics, players can win rates, average winning and best streaks. By progressing and winning achievements, users can also participate in tournaments and compete with their friends. Besides, the application features low power mode for distant trips and expanded gaming sessions as well.

The #1 Reel Deal Slots Club application is absolutely free through iTunes.